Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Display: Blind Date with a Book!

I've just finished my new display. It was inspired by discussions on the YALSA Ya List and was a lot of fun to prepare! Entitled 'Blind Date with a Book', it allows students to pick a book with minimal input from me, just short clues, written much like personal ads. I also gave the option to solve all the clues to get a chance to win a $10 Chapters card (mental note, must buy $10 chapters card.....)

The display board had the instructions on how to do this (read the clues, pick out a book, check it out (I put a temp barcode on each one), give back the clue, unwrap the book and enjoy!). I also put a list of all of the clues there in a folder.

The main issue that I had was that at this point, some classes are doing their independent novel and so my choice of novels was limited. Many "good" or easily recognizable ones are checked out or I know will be necessary for the classes coming down later. However, I managed to get 16 books ready for this.
The clues were as follows (you can highlight the space after the words "Book Title' to see which book it's talking about):

Clue #1: Where did you come from? Are the boy I created? Are you here to kill me or save me?
Book Title: Eve and Adam

Clue #2: Needed: Someone to help me run my family. Must be able to be discrete selling illegal goods and able to deal with chocolate shortages
Book Title: All these things I've done

Clue #3: Needed: someone to help me solve my own story. Must be able to dance all night.  
Book Title: Entwined

Clue #4: Seeking: The Almighty Smize.  Can you help me conquer Catwalk Corner?
Book Title: Modelland

Clue #5: Looking for a guy who understands ambition, family and complicated hair. Must enjoy the sound of a typewriter late into the night and agree with the civil rights movement.
Book Title: The Help

Clue #6: Wanted: A family guy. Must appreciate how important sisters can be. Should be able to help provide for my sister and mom, especially when I am unexpectedly away. Abilities to hunt, bake and ice cakes will be taken into consideration.
Book Title: The Hunger Games

Clue #7: Needed: Someone to help me live my last day. Must be comfortable with repeating themselves.  
Book Title: Before I Die
Clue #8:  I’m Crazy For You. Love is a disease – let’s catch it!
Book Title: Delirium

Clue #9: Wanted: an organized, understanding guy. Must like golden face tattoos, girls with complicated jobs and be able to keep secrets. No vampires need apply.
Book Title: Bloodlines

Clue #10: Wanted: Someone to make me their choice. Must be brave, smart, selfless, kind and honest.
Book Title: Divergent

Clue #11:  Looking for someone who loves me for me. I’m a modern, updated girl who is looking for someone who doesn’t judge. No married people need apply!
Book Title: Jane

Clue #12: Looking for someone who won’t take my breath away. Must love the novel ‘An Imperial Affliction’. Not required to have all of your limbs.
Book Title: The Fault in our Stars

Clue #13: Wanted: A person to travel with me. Must love adventure, uncertainty and the colour blue.
Book Title: 13 Little Blue Envelopes

Clue #14:

Seeking Friends for an Adventure:  Helpful if you have one absentee parent who just happens to not be human.
Book Title: The Lightening Thief

Book Title: The Help

Clue #15: Wanted: a smart girl who won’t dump me. Being named Katherine is both an asset and a deficit.
Book Title: An Abundance of Katherines

Clue #16: Are you in my future? If not, what can we do to get you on my profile?  
Book Title: The Future of Us


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