Saturday, November 12, 2011


The purpose of this blog is to review books I read, focusing on the Young Adult selections that I read for work. There are so many books out there - some good, some fantastic - that I like to know about them. If I don't have an understanding of them, how can I recommend them to my students?
I'm in a good position - I read fast, I don't get large piles of books at one time and I can read while doing just about anything.
If you ever want to send me a book - a ARC or even just a regular copy, please email me!.


Ian Crewe said...

Hi Loud Librarian!
Great idea to have a site such as this. Good on you!! Quick question... Did you pick the mathematics background on purpose for me? Or was that a co-in-kee-dink?? :)

Mouthy Mathematician (IC)

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