Tuesday, December 13, 2011

21st Century Learning

Lately there has been lots of buzz around the term '21st Century Learning'. What is it, how does it apply and what does it mean to our schools and specifically, to our jobs? I feel as though I've joined a bandwagon late, but the more I read the more I go, gosh, what a great idea.
However, I don't think I'm joining late. I think I've been there all along without knowing it. Technology integration,  understanding of modern communication tools and working with students to develop learning plans sounds like what we've been saying - or at least what we've been saying in the conversations I've been having!
But what does it mean for me specifically as a teacher librarian? Talking with someone who is working with the topic, there are places that call the librarians 'Teacher-Cybrarians'. They put a focus on having current, hot topic teen literature and reading areas to enjoy it as well as technology capabilities and integrations, lead by the Teacher-Cybrarian in all subject areas. Looking at the web, specifically, bringing twitter, facebook, youtube, edmodo and all other such web 2.0 applications into teaching as well as getting kids to read - that's what they're doing. That works so much for my skill set that the idea that's where things going is exciting!
So, for me, what is the future is 21st Century learning? It's just like the past really. We are helping kids use the world around them to make sense of their world. Sounds about right.


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